Saturday, December 13, 2008

song's and paycheck

so.., not very long ago my aunt from T.A. called my mom saying she got a job for me and my cousin for the time being.The job is house keeping to my aunts friends place. So, yesterday we went to the said house but nobody is home so we wait for about 20 mins.
First attempt is failed. she talk to us during our lunch and said we have to re do the whole 2nd floor. We re do everything and clean it spotless. After all the cleaning is done she talk to us and said she want us back every forth night to clean again. she took us home.

:ahaha:today, me and my cousin zee just got our first regular part-tome job:ahaha:

yesterday is my little cousins birthday. Zee is teaching me about the guitar chords. then suddenly i dare Zee to write a song.:bringiton:.,

just a verse and a chorus. after a while, she did it and it was so lovely. i beg her to finish the song.., and she did after a few minutes.

i sooooo love it..,:inlove:

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