Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm Listening to Ballad

i'm playing with my guitar
(mine because its in my room often),
trying to make another tune and story.

i became tired and laid into my bed,
the silence is driving me crazy
so i decided to listen to my MP3
i got sick of the old music in it so
i look for my cousins song

first i listen to:

(the song is really something)


"Broken Umbrella"
(she made coz i dare her)




It hit me..!
i don't know why
but the song tell two different stories
her & her deedom and edward & his bella

i then realize, who've i got?
i cried for that reason
i suddenly notice that i'm all alone.

I am so sad.
i cried for about 5 mins.
coz i never have a moment in my life
that i cried for more than 10 mins.

am i so picky?
am i that idiotic?
am i that stupid?

ohh.., i almost forgot.
hail to Zee

anyway, Merry Christmas.



i don't like this

but what can i do?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It all started in a phone call

oct. 16 2008, our phone rang's.

me: hello? kinas ni?
zee: ako ni ai,
me: aw..., hi musta?
zee: kaon ta ice cream.

me: wala man mi ice cream dri.

zee: ako kay ng.kaon ko ug chocolate muffin dri ai.,
me: hmmm.., another fat to burn..,

And so., we do our usual weekly catch up and she remind me about our thing tomorrow. and we are excited, really excited about it, and so shes telling me about her hubby who haven't emailed her for more than a week now.

oct. 17, 08.
me: ma, adto naku.
mom: aha k paingon?

me: nge nananaghid n baya ko s imo gahapon?
mom: (stare)

i planed to arrive at zee's house by 1pm but i made it by 1:30 (pilipino jud!). So, i knock, she opened the door. we walk in to her room. she asked me to close the door, and i did. she ask me to open her cabinet door, tehn im like "what for? could it be because of the noice inside her room?" but i open it.
zee: SURPRICE!!!!
me: (shock, and notice the t-shirt hanged in the cabinet)

hala.....bad kaau ka jay..!!!

she made it for me.
its an exclusive shirt
only for her dear cousin
wahaha..., thatz me..!

It say's : Its a LUCILLE-Twilight-EDWARD thing you would'nt understand.
how cool is that..!


I am very very very happy just for the t-shirt, just emagine me when seing the movie.
I'll go crazy, but i didn't

and, its a good thing.
we went to the movie together


The majority of the movie is awsome...! althought their are some points are messing that makes some of the scense look dull. Like lacking of back ground music, or some ramdom sounds or even some of the actress's acting that makes it look odd. But besides that, every important part of the book is in thier that is a very very very good thing and i love it....all in all, its a 9/10 rating, for me...

We are on our way to our next film( 4 Hoilidays). We pass by a group of teens.

girl: EDWARD's WIFE'Y? I think thats me..,
(she says as she notice the print on zee's shirt)
zee: (whisper) Do you have a proof? I have the shirt..
(she giggle)
me: (on my mind i want to shout on the girls face)
In you dream's biatch...!!!!!
(just on my mind, no big deal)


On our second movie..,(we are not on the mood for another movie but SAYANG ANG TICKET...!!!!) We'r not even on the haft of it we go out and start walking to the bus stop where we are goignto be pick up by zee's dad.

The Twilight Soundtrack that zee brought for her self.

My smiling face on the Bus Stop
Do I look nice with the T-Shirt and with a smile?
Do I?

We went home in silence, trying to let our selves think and absorb the movie.

I am super happy.....!!!
As in, HAPPY....!!!!
you might not see it on my face
but i am really am happy...,


that's how it to be a "TWILIGHTER"

Then i dream about TWILIGHT that night..,

Saturday, December 13, 2008

song's and paycheck

so.., not very long ago my aunt from T.A. called my mom saying she got a job for me and my cousin for the time being.The job is house keeping to my aunts friends place. So, yesterday we went to the said house but nobody is home so we wait for about 20 mins.
First attempt is failed. she talk to us during our lunch and said we have to re do the whole 2nd floor. We re do everything and clean it spotless. After all the cleaning is done she talk to us and said she want us back every forth night to clean again. she took us home.

:ahaha:today, me and my cousin zee just got our first regular part-tome job:ahaha:

yesterday is my little cousins birthday. Zee is teaching me about the guitar chords. then suddenly i dare Zee to write a song.:bringiton:.,

just a verse and a chorus. after a while, she did it and it was so lovely. i beg her to finish the song.., and she did after a few minutes.

i sooooo love it..,:inlove:

Monday, December 8, 2008

I have a dream

i dream of something weird last night.:sleep: it was about my cousin, zee. zee and her boyfriend and im not sure if im included in my dream or just watching:argh:. but any way zee and her boyfriend has this group of friends. a girl named tanya, aboy named paul and 2 more boys. so, paul was a racer thats how he earned his friends (tanya and the others):sigh:. so one night paul and his friends stole the car of zee's grandfather. they want into a drag race but on their way they have an accident:galit: and he is the only one who survived. but he hid all the corpes in a cave near their town:takot:. the next morning paul shows up at zee's house and said that he stole the car and have an accident but he didnt tell the police what happen to the others. then one day everything is out of order in zee's room. some of her things are place in the very corner of her bed. odd but every thing in zee's bed are things that tanya's gave her.
the next thing we know is that if we dont bury all the thing that belongs to the died, paul will be one of them. we are trying to save paul's life now. so we hurried gathering all the things that belongs to tanya and her friends:argh:. including the things that tanya gave zee. i then notice that tanya is zee's best friend and was inlove to zee's boyfriend. so we burried them all but something is missing, it was tanyas necklace she wour the night she died that wasinside the car.

:ahaha::ahaha::ahaha::ahaha::ahaha:THE END:ahaha::ahaha::ahaha::ahaha:

i dont know what happen then because my momwoke me up....,