Friday, December 5, 2008

I have Lots in Mind


i have lots to think and lots in my note book to write. Not sure how to start but anyway i already made up my mind. i will continue studying until i get my drivers license. but now i don't know what to study


i have an on proses story, I'm not sure if i am going to finish it. well, its kinda base on a real life.

:ha?: hehehe..., you know... things happen... but anyway...i dont really know what to do at the moment and i can't decide because their are lot of things to consider :argh:. hahay...!

my family is on crisis, my brother is redundant and lost his job. me and my sister has stop accepting allowance from the government because school is over. at least my other brother has a job in a super market.:sorry:

my father still got his job but is band from doing overtime:sigh:. my mother don't have a job, she just take care of the house and baby sit my nephew when my sister is not around.

Oh well, that's life. you can do nothing to avoid that:takot:.

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