Monday, December 8, 2008

I have a dream

i dream of something weird last night.:sleep: it was about my cousin, zee. zee and her boyfriend and im not sure if im included in my dream or just watching:argh:. but any way zee and her boyfriend has this group of friends. a girl named tanya, aboy named paul and 2 more boys. so, paul was a racer thats how he earned his friends (tanya and the others):sigh:. so one night paul and his friends stole the car of zee's grandfather. they want into a drag race but on their way they have an accident:galit: and he is the only one who survived. but he hid all the corpes in a cave near their town:takot:. the next morning paul shows up at zee's house and said that he stole the car and have an accident but he didnt tell the police what happen to the others. then one day everything is out of order in zee's room. some of her things are place in the very corner of her bed. odd but every thing in zee's bed are things that tanya's gave her.
the next thing we know is that if we dont bury all the thing that belongs to the died, paul will be one of them. we are trying to save paul's life now. so we hurried gathering all the things that belongs to tanya and her friends:argh:. including the things that tanya gave zee. i then notice that tanya is zee's best friend and was inlove to zee's boyfriend. so we burried them all but something is missing, it was tanyas necklace she wour the night she died that wasinside the car.

:ahaha::ahaha::ahaha::ahaha::ahaha:THE END:ahaha::ahaha::ahaha::ahaha:

i dont know what happen then because my momwoke me up....,

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