Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It all started in a phone call

oct. 16 2008, our phone rang's.

me: hello? kinas ni?
zee: ako ni ai,
me: aw..., hi musta?
zee: kaon ta ice cream.

me: wala man mi ice cream dri.

zee: ako kay ng.kaon ko ug chocolate muffin dri ai.,
me: hmmm.., another fat to burn..,

And so., we do our usual weekly catch up and she remind me about our thing tomorrow. and we are excited, really excited about it, and so shes telling me about her hubby who haven't emailed her for more than a week now.

oct. 17, 08.
me: ma, adto naku.
mom: aha k paingon?

me: nge nananaghid n baya ko s imo gahapon?
mom: (stare)

i planed to arrive at zee's house by 1pm but i made it by 1:30 (pilipino jud!). So, i knock, she opened the door. we walk in to her room. she asked me to close the door, and i did. she ask me to open her cabinet door, tehn im like "what for? could it be because of the noice inside her room?" but i open it.
zee: SURPRICE!!!!
me: (shock, and notice the t-shirt hanged in the cabinet)

hala.....bad kaau ka jay..!!!

she made it for me.
its an exclusive shirt
only for her dear cousin
wahaha..., thatz me..!

It say's : Its a LUCILLE-Twilight-EDWARD thing you would'nt understand.
how cool is that..!


I am very very very happy just for the t-shirt, just emagine me when seing the movie.
I'll go crazy, but i didn't

and, its a good thing.
we went to the movie together


The majority of the movie is awsome...! althought their are some points are messing that makes some of the scense look dull. Like lacking of back ground music, or some ramdom sounds or even some of the actress's acting that makes it look odd. But besides that, every important part of the book is in thier that is a very very very good thing and i love it....all in all, its a 9/10 rating, for me...

We are on our way to our next film( 4 Hoilidays). We pass by a group of teens.

girl: EDWARD's WIFE'Y? I think thats me..,
(she says as she notice the print on zee's shirt)
zee: (whisper) Do you have a proof? I have the shirt..
(she giggle)
me: (on my mind i want to shout on the girls face)
In you dream's biatch...!!!!!
(just on my mind, no big deal)


On our second movie..,(we are not on the mood for another movie but SAYANG ANG TICKET...!!!!) We'r not even on the haft of it we go out and start walking to the bus stop where we are goignto be pick up by zee's dad.

The Twilight Soundtrack that zee brought for her self.

My smiling face on the Bus Stop
Do I look nice with the T-Shirt and with a smile?
Do I?

We went home in silence, trying to let our selves think and absorb the movie.

I am super happy.....!!!
As in, HAPPY....!!!!
you might not see it on my face
but i am really am happy...,


that's how it to be a "TWILIGHTER"

Then i dream about TWILIGHT that night..,

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