Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm Listening to Ballad

i'm playing with my guitar
(mine because its in my room often),
trying to make another tune and story.

i became tired and laid into my bed,
the silence is driving me crazy
so i decided to listen to my MP3
i got sick of the old music in it so
i look for my cousins song

first i listen to:

(the song is really something)


"Broken Umbrella"
(she made coz i dare her)




It hit me..!
i don't know why
but the song tell two different stories
her & her deedom and edward & his bella

i then realize, who've i got?
i cried for that reason
i suddenly notice that i'm all alone.

I am so sad.
i cried for about 5 mins.
coz i never have a moment in my life
that i cried for more than 10 mins.

am i so picky?
am i that idiotic?
am i that stupid?

ohh.., i almost forgot.
hail to Zee

anyway, Merry Christmas.



i don't like this

but what can i do?

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